Amazing Things You Can Find At A Rome Flea MArket!

12:02 PM

Today, Friday is my rest-day from teaching. After a few domestic errands, I randomly decided to tour the nearby flea market and as always, the many colorful varied items never fail to amuse me. It takes a bonafide tighwad to resist the shell out some doughs to purchase.To show just watch
As can be noticed,the varied appalling products and articles are not actually grouped together according to their respective categories.Unlike the typical indoor market where the stores with similar products like food are side by side each other. The other flea markets, also only sell mostly clothing or domestic/kitchen products. But few are the flea markets like this where you find the French fashion garments box next to the food section.  It is impressive to find clothing or accessories  that seem to be of the same high quality and excellence as those in high end shops. Nevertheless one needs to be very scructinous as most of these items are actually factory rejects which didn't pass the quality requirements or if you are lucky,they could also be surplus items that were disposed to make room for the new collection. Well as it is, this experience is a de-stressing alternative for getting an entertaining breath of some fresh air. Wishing everyone days full of GOD's blessings,grace and peace in JESUS' name Amen!

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