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Food is a basic need of man. It is the primary commodity for human survival, second to water of course. The other commodity which is actually dispensable but just like food, is equally consumed worldwide in unquantifiable amounts, is the  media, more specifically TV and internet. Ten or more years ago, so few realized that cooking and kitchen realtiy shows could actualy be worldwide record breaking hits, but now with Gordon Ramsay at the helm of the history of modern food business, the idea of food and cooking have become a winsome idea in media all over the world. Gordon Ramsay as the cooking and food world know it, is hailed as the Ultimate Authority in fine-dining and entrepreneuring kitchens. He is often depicted as a tyrant or a cruel personality in some televised cooking shows.

Now with his new reality TV Kitchen Nightmares, he is shown in a different light, not so much as a tyrant anymore but a passionate saviour of failing restaurant businesses, with equally strong resolve but perhaps less rudeness. Gone are the days where a TV show's concept is unilateral, the show Kitchen Nightmares showcases scenes of comedy, drama, business ethics all rolled into a real-life mix of delicacies. In Kitchen Nightmares, he usually enters any restaurant even, the seemingly impeccably elegant ones, in a simple and plain T-shirt, with his blond hair ungroomed. He's apparently a simple man in all outward effects, but behind his name is an army of big names, industries and big businesses waiting to cater to him, for commercial purposes. Maybe, that explains why he can do what he does; face up to extreme fury and verbal offenses from restaurant owners or everyone around him, or speak out the truth even if it meant offending someone, in the name of business revitalization. It's hard not to be appalled, by Gordon Ramsay, by Kitchen Nightmares, by the food business, by passionate struggles and eventually overcoming, by the human drama wrapping all these together.
May your tables be filled with so much delectable dishes just like the ones Chef Gordon Ramsay would prepare. Well, Merry Christmas again, and we wish you all a Peaceful, Joyful and Blessed New Year 2015!

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