White Ferrari In Rome

1:05 PM

(Belated?)Happy Women's Day to All Women except the fake ones. Sorry to offend,peace ! I don't really personally see the link between the importance of this day and this White Ferrari that I recently spotted in one of Rome's main roads. But one thing is certain, women are generally impressed by fast and boutique cars like this White Ferrari, which I barely captured with my celphone camera.I wouldn't have been able to take this shot had I not heard that distinctive roar of a Ferrari engine. I actually prefer a yellow Ferrari and I keep the faith, that I could one day own one although it's not really an urgent need. Here in Rome, Ferraris can be seen,although not that often-understandably,but almost every Sunday I get to chance on a Ferrari particularly in the major roads in the central part of ROme.

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  1. @ Simply Kim: Actually Lamborghinis or Maseratis are equally splendid cars!Thanks for ur comment GOD BLESS,Tremendously ! JIA

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