Vapor Cleaner in Italy

10:47 AM

I had to buy this vapor cleaner,because we have to invite my daughter's two classmates to our house and so to show a cleaner house I have to use this.She has been invited a few times and it's not that I have to return the favor,but my daughter's friend insisted on going to our house several times.So I promised we would set an appointment, which for me means general cleaning first and tucking away unnecessary objects around the house. Actually this vapor cleaner cost me just €20 and it's a big help since it easily removes dark stains in-between tiles and hard-to-reach angles. It saves me a lot of effort in cleaning. But since it's small it can only contain a small amount of water which affords me only more or less eight minutes of spraying then,I have to cool it off for 15 minutes and re-start again.It also needs delicate handling,if you drop it it's more practical not to repair it, and buy a new one. One thing is sure though,it guarantees a cleaner house.

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