Metro B1: Comprehensive Update As of February 2012

10:54 AM

The Re-organization of the Surface Public Transport Network has been initiated with new Stop stations.
The Mobilized City:
To guarantee the maximum efficiency of the new metropolitan underground subway trains, Rome capital has set up a new network of surface public transport that integrates the stations of the new line and will improve the accessibility of the more outlying areas.

The opening of the first route of Metro B1 Line from the Bologna Station to the Conca D'Oro Station will serve a target market of about half a million residents of the north-east quadrant of Rome, with a modern and efficient transport system.The central areas and Eur will be easier to reach directly without changing transport,with positive effects on the pollution reduction and decongestion of traffic from private transport. The new network will attract 85,000 new commuters per day, that will exchange private transportation for public, with an increment of 20 % more passenger space.

Out of 43 lines on tires;
26 will be upgraded
6 will be new vehicles
4 will be substituted
7 will be unaltered
7 new terminals

Six New Lines

The six new bus lines servicing the zones which are practically without or lacking in public transport are as follows; bus no. 351 will circulate around Antamoro to connect with the new Conca D'Oro Train station;the bus line 336 will connect the areas of Quarrata with the new Conca D'Oro Train Station,ensuring the Valsabbia area.The bus line 435 will connect Largo Pugliese to Porta Di Roma, while bus line 82 will connect the Nomentana Train Station to Rome Main Terminal.The bus line 83 will connect Valsabbia to Piazza Venezia,and bus line 69 will connect Piazza Annibaliano with Piazza Clodio. There you have it,the major changes in Rome surface transport network.More updates coming.

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