The War On Bandwidth:Viacom and Verizon

4:42 AM

As per the recent Bloomberg report there are 147 Million users spending 3.7 Billion minutes on internet on a monthly basis in US alone. With the advent of Google's Android application which will potentially be out on the market soon, already many broadband providers and communications leaders are looking into the possibility of increasing the bandwidth to accommodate the rise on the demand of wireless entertainment streaming. As it is,Google has recently announced its intention to expand their services and has unveiled their plan to launch its own Android device which will consequently rival Apple. Considering this,it is expected that a broader bandwidth will be needed in proportion to the rising demand on wireless streaming or wireless entertainment.On account of this, obviously more high-power antennas and fibre-optic cables will be needed and so for this reason America's major communications companies Viacom and Verizon are competing to get the higher end of the internet deal.

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