The New Rome Subway Train Line C

2:23 PM

The little manuals on each seat in the bus are ATAC (Agenzia del Trasporto Autoferrotranviario del Comune:The City's Transportation and Railways Agency) local government's peculiar way of communicating to the commuters the major changes that will take place in connection with the construction of a new Rome subway train extension. These manuals contain important information regarding the new routes that will be effected by this bus line,the new bus stops etc. As it is, Rome has an excellent and well-connected transport system so it's quite easy to reach major destinations.From here you can reach major European cities by train or bus.The main Rome subway train terminal (Termini) has also undergone major renovations rendering it even more modern and more sophisticated. The local Rome subway train lines A and B are strategically planned to systematically transport commuters,now the government has added a third Rome subway train line C which is expected to further facilitate transportation for daily commuters like me.It's a good news for many commuters, in that we can reach our destinations in less time.All the new Rome subway train stations have sufficiently regulated distances from each other.Below are photos of the entrance of the new Rome subway train line C in Viale Libia (Libia St.) set to open in a few months time and the final phases of construction.

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