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Have you also been receiving financially tempting letters from a complete stranger,like the type shown in the image above?Actually they come in many different forms, I've also received enticing job offers from London and Canada and what's suspicious is that the message has always been very vague, it's always a general position in which anybody can qualify (like a babysitter or outsourced financial go-between where you are supposed to process product orders, but nevertheless the pay is highly attractive.I also received a letter where I was informed that I was found to be a distant relative of a very rich person somewhere in Africa and that I could inherit this person's money all I had to do was give my bank account and personal information.Honestly, I fell for one of these, only to realize at the end that it's just a modus operandi to have my personal information and access my accounts (particularly google). Sure enough, some months ago,sites under my google account have seen pornographic and 'viagra' posts. So, when you receive a similar letter where you're promised to inherit a large sum of money just by simply supplying your personal information,think twice. Better yet, ignore the scam.

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