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I'm not quite sure which other cities implement wi-fi connectivity but right here in Rome anyone can freely access internet by virtue of a new rule that provides internet access to all.Shown above is the screenshot of the areas all over Rome which are within the wi-fi network.This is really a great idea since Rome can be considered the leading tourist destination.But it may be bad news to internet shop owners who are located within the areas covered.For instance,in our neighborhood, a couple of wine bars or stores are wi-fi friendly already.And even here within our building I sometimes use the internet via the link from my next-door neighbor.It's also a lot of help for transients or travellers who usually need information which wouldn't be that easy to obtain due to language barrier.Tourists can also avoid being conned by opting to search on internet instead of approaching strangers who might happen to be unscrupulous.But over all, I guess the idea of open and free internet access in public areas can do more good than harm.

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