How to Program Your Free-To-Air Satellite Receiver

12:13 PM

This is our new Tv FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite receiver which started functioning only yesterday, after some tedious efforts to check and make it work. This is a new generation and handy Tv satellite receiver,in a scart form which you just plug into your tv outlet behind your set. This small decoder doesn't (obviously) have a mini-display screen where you can see the channel or other info. just like with our old satellite decoder which had higher specs in that it could transmit clear and constant flow of images.First you have to go to the satellite settings.The list of channels and satellite selection should have been set in default, but with this type of decoder, you have to select the best satellite for your area or territory,you can check this by 'trial and error' method. In our case I chose Hotbird because the rest of the satellites don't yield signal reception.(Previously we were on Hotbird 6 that captures also TBN network. Generally satellite settings are programmed in default but in some cases, you need to tweak the values of the satellite settings (polarization,symbol rate, frequency,transponder and FEC) especially if you have a target channel in mind. After choosing Hotbird satellite from the list, I went to the channels setting to download or program the available channels for that specific satellite. We found a little more than one thousand channels,some of which are accessible only by subscription and the others actually are still vacant or inaccessible.Over all, we can view perhaps, around 85 % of the over one thousand satellite channels. After the channels appear you can save them and so your normal viewing habits can continue. I'm happy about Free-To-Air satellite viewing because I can watch and be informed about what's happening all around the world,without paying a regular subscription fee to any pay TV stations or networks.

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  1. another cheerful visit from philippines. :)

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