GIARDINO DI FAONTE Residential Condominiums: Rome Italy

12:15 PM

There is a new apartment complex just a stone's throw away from where we live. Actually Giardino Di Faonte has been partially finished and I noticed that some units have been already occupied or taken.Initially that area was just a formless and plain parcel of land situated adjacent to a big supermarket where I usually go shopping, but over time it was transformed into an elegant and attractive residential complex that would stimulate real estate interests. Giardino Di Faonte is a very ideal choice of home not only because of its strategic location and accessibility, but because of its elegant and modern architectural design and light building colors. Even the materials used in building are just above average. There is a newly opened wine bar or cafe' at its commercial space on the ground floor that maybe viewed from a distance. There is also a prestigious Italian bank due for operation soon. As you can see this condominium is conveniently located along a major road.The neighborhood where it belongs is near the community market,educational institutions pre-school,kinder until college, supermarkets, government or public offices,post offices and other main service infasfractures.
Certainly the condominium units come in varied sizes and designs,to suit your every requirement; whether you are a family or an independent individual. You may also see the entrance gate to the residences, the ample and safe parking spaces exclusively provided for the building occupants. What's more, it (is) will be surrounded by green mini-parks or maybe even playground for kids as the landscaping indicates. I consider it my dream home in Rome.

* I know the video would be better with background music.

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