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Doubtless, the answer to this is A. L. D. Automotive Italy. A.L. D. which is French-based, is the leading car distributor company which also provides service in fleet management for car dealers both small and large scale, and lease of vehicles to private individuals or other car concessionaires.They offer the cheapest prices in the market.And since their areas of operations extend to several countries for many years, they have acquired the specialization and comprehensive knowledge where financial regulations and international demands and are concerned. Their quality of service, good customer relations, competitive products and very competitive prices make them the most sought-after car distributor both in Italy, and in the other countries where they operate. I personally have many friends of different nationalities who not only purchased vehicles from A.L. D. but they themselves have returned for further positive transactions or purchases, and also recommended this same company to their own friends. So, when in Italy and you need, to lease or rent a car, or need assistance with the management of your fleet of vehicles, you know who to call or where to look. A. L. D. Automotive Italy.

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  1. Personally I have used A.L.D. Automotive Italy myself, and I can definitely recommend them for car leasing.

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