Very Cheap Tablet PC

12:43 PM

It's almost Christmas and of course,it's high time for shopping. These are the promotional flyers that the big commercial stores or shopping centers usually send to the customers within their area of jurisdiction. I guess,this way they save a lot of money from TV advertising which apparently costs something like a million dollars or so, for just a couple of seconds or 1 minute. And now,it is also common for these stores to offer mixed items,some supermarkets offer or sell both electronic gadgets and food or grocery items. And some exclusive electronic stores naturally would only offer or sell gadgets or related items. Personally, I have a penchant for collecting and checking out these flyers I even take them from other residences' boxes.
As you can see,there is a tablet PC that costs €100 (€99.99) the specifications include wi-fi connectivity, 2GB memory (expandable to 32 GB), multi-touch, 7" LED screen,webcam and WLAN b/g etc. Of course the price corresponds to its specificifications, and not to be compared to the other tablet PC's or iPADs that cost more but provide higher specs. I would actually prefer this tablet over my netbook because it's more handy and lighter in weight. Like my netbook, it doesn't have to possess many advanced features as long as the processor is fast or higher than 2.5 GHz so it can do things fast.At this point, I can put off buying another gadget until our budget can afford it.

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  2. Very affordable tablet for only $100 or P4300. Tablet KIRKM77V is a must have this Christmas season.

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