My Dell Netbook

1:31 PM

This is my Dell Netbook which I use mainly in my work. Its screen is 9" wide and its weight is about 1 kilo and its color is black. The processor is Intel Core 2.6 GHz which runs fairly fast. This Dell netbook has wi-fi connectivity which is a great help in my lessons when I access the internet for my students to view videos or listen to audio files. This netbook 's Operating system Linux comes with many helpful applications related to audio, image and video editing, games and entertainment, educational games and also the Office package so I can do a lot of things with it. But the one setback as with most netbooks,is the narrow-space keyboard which limits the freedom of your fingers' movement, so for prolonged computer needs I still use the desktop PC. Nevertheless this Dell netbook cost a mere €170 on discount sale, almost three years ago.

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  1. please add me
    Take a you have been installed in

  2. was here happy visiting.
    nice blog :-)
    I also use the DELL brand for my portable computer :-)
    BlogS of Hariyanto

  3. i wanted to buy a dell laptop...i hope soon..added this to my blogroll Jia...Thanks..:-)
    see here:

  4. Dell has always been good to me.

    Following back from your comment. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Dell is a good brand hope soon i will get one =)
    By the way added your 2 blogs here and joined your GFC.

    Hope you can add my blogs. Thanks in advance.

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    Living the Beauty of Life

    Traveling with Mona

    My Fashion Diaries

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  6. I have one like that too... Handy and easy to tote anywhere you go.

  7. we just bought Dell laptop for my daughter last year and we always have problems so when I bought my netbook that I'm using now I chose gateway (Levono) brand. it didn't give me any problem at all so far ;-)

  8. @ Sam D. I also Lenovo (not shown in the flyers) but I haven't seen it in stores here.Dell was the cheapest I found so I bought it but so far, it hasn't given me any problem.It may also be a question of being careful..AGain GOD BLESS your family, we wish you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas! HAPPY NEW PROSPEROUS 2012! THE SAME TO ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THIS BLOG !