Medrano Circus in Rome Italy

12:33 AM

During holidays season many circus shows vie for the public patronage. This recent Christmas our family had the opportunity to watch the best Circus show for this year. I say, best because they have just won the gold award for Best Circus Clowns although, the entire show proved just very spectacular in every phase. We were delighted with the incredible exhibitions, superb performances and many trained animals entertained the audience to the max ! We have seen excellent jugglers, just like you'll see in one photo here where a white suited guy successfully shot mini wooden bats to funnels extended a few meters above his head, a very well-coordinated somersault acrobats who jumped to heights equivalent to a few men in vertical position, there was also an acrobat or gymnast performing through a hanging trapeze.We have also seen 5 motorcyclists (driving heavy cylinder-bikes) actually 'race' inside the 8 or maybe 9 meter diameter sphere-cage obviously in spherical directions. There were seals who performed, two big elephants who did a simple turn-around as if dancing with the music, two big giraffes, white lions, big birds (don't quite know the name), a little dog and others, all trained for the circus. One particular fact about this Medrano Circus team, is that everyone is trained for multi-tasking. For instance,I found that the background dancers that assist a main performer, are the same ones that sold pop-corns around when it was not their turn at the 'stage'. They wore different costumes for different numbers, even riding horses like professional horseback riders. And the technical assistants and productions assistants were all quick and highly-coordinated in fulfilling their assigned tasks after each of their colleague's performance, especially when they had to disassemble or mount heavy metal protective cages around the stage, or roll and unroll one (huge)carpet after another. They were the same guys who acted as guards cum ushers for the entire venue.They had to do all things very quickly. What made the Medrano circus even more outstanding are the many and beautiful shining costumes they wore during each performance.It became obvious to me that to be a part of this impressive Circus team, one has to know very well different skills, like ride a horse, do acrobats and circus acts,sing and dance Very well, and must naturally love people. At the end of the show, all the circus performers lined up to greet the spectators at the entrance/exit gate. And they were all even, more beautiful up close.

And since they all travel mainly around Europe, they have their own trailer vans and electric generators which, as shown in these two photos, extended about twenty meters along the fenced-waY.
Really, for me Medrano Circus is an experience to remember for many, many years, and I hope to see them again if not, by this New Year 2012, next year. We wish everyone a Peaceful and Prosperous 2012 !

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  1. Circus shows are the best show I'd ever wanted to see.