Cheap Netbook Bags

6:27 AM

If there is a particular gift I really to need to have this Christmas,it is a netbook bag just like one of these. I would prefer a dark brown color or a combination of black and dark brown so as to easily go with most of my working clothes. Honestly, on normal working days you'll see me carrying a white cloth bag where I put all my materials,plus my personal bag. Sometimes I feel awkward with it because of its size/dimension, and especially when the dirt starts to darken its whiteness. I really feel for this netbook bag which is more presentable and more convenient,and more handy.Aside from Dell netbook,I can also put into it my teaching materials. It costs something like €10 or so,on discount for Christmas occasion. At the moment, I'm holding my horses on shelling out money for things that can wait until the next pay-out, since we have been spending a lot this month. So I can just wish it naturally gravitates my way this Christmas time. My family wishes everyone, all the co-bloggers and especially our site's regular visitors, a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas !

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  1. I can't leave comment in your other blog but i already added your 2 blogs here

    And btw, if its fine to ask favor can you help me with this one.

    Kindly vote my entry in this contest just visit then LEAVE comment saying - I'm voting for Mona Abayle's entry.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. i have added this blog @ jt's world as you requested...

  3. May the good times and treasures of the present
    become the golden memories of tomorrow
    Wishing you and your family lots of love, joy and happiness this Christmas! Dropped and support you as well :-)

  4. added ur 4 blogs in my Live for Life blog

  5. greetings from Jakarta Indonesia ;)
    honestly.. it's great to be here.. nice to know you ;)

    Belajar Photoshop

  6. nice bags indeed...tell santa to give you an of these bags..was here JIA merry Christmas..:-)