Bio-Technology: Pink C ocoon by Singaporean Scientists

11:00 AM

Recently, Singaporean scientists and researchers have unveiled a new advancement in the field of bio-technology, in the form of dyed-in-worm silk. This process has potential application for medical science. Often when scientists re-generate human tissues such as cartilage or bones,they grow them on the structure known as scaffold.Synthetic polymers or colagens are normally used.Scientists are also exploring the use of silk.These are cartilage-generating cells growing on a scaffold made of spider silk.This is a sample of a scaffold made from the silk of Dr. Hans silkworm.Because it is fluorescent would be easy to manage the scaffold and actually see the cells growing. Dr. Hans: 'You can see this fluorescent silk, and also see the cells. You learn and study how the cells interact with the scaffold.' This process involves feeding the silkworm mulberries and flourescent dye, which eventually causes the silkworm to yield colored silk.
Although, its application is focused on textile materials or fashion industry, scientists are looking into the possibility of expanding its benefits in the area of medicine or curing physical disorders relating bone structures or cartilages. This is a very good news indeed, that might well be more morally acceptable than the embryonic stem cell therapy.

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