What is Gladvertising?

12:35 AM

As it is,we are living in a very fast paced society where technology advances faster than our ability to catch up,it seems that everything is constantly progressing and changing,material-wise.Now we come upfront to a yet another, new technology called Gladvertising which is a fusion of marketing and technopreunership at its best so far. This method has been used by Steven Spielberg in his previous film starring Tom Cruise,the Minority Report. Gladvertising is an outdoor marketing scheme, displayed on digital billboards situated in public areas (bus station,the mall or business shops), which is programmed to generate advertisements or publicities depending on the mood or facial expression of the onlooker. For instance, if the individual has a sad face it could produce an ad relating to a happy vacation in a tropical paradise. It is designed to adhere to the software application being used by iphone,3DTV's and touchscreens and, has the capability to access the individual's personal information through NFC (Near Field Communication) thereby, able to produce adverts linked to the profile of the individual. In summary, Gladvertising is an upfront and more personal advertising approach using the latest technology. And in the future, I am fully confident that we will see more technological innovations.

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