iPhone 4S, iOS5 and iCloud Part 2

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Continued from previous post:

The new camera is another strong point of iPhone 4S.As mentioned, following the presentation,besides the higher resolution (both in the photographic quality,which
was upgraded from 5 to 8 Mpixel, and in the video quality, upgraded from 720 p to 1080p) the main improvement consists in having utilized a better optic lens,that allow the sensors to receive a major quantity of light and therefore take better photos especially in conditions where there are scarce lighting. Furthermore iOS5 finally introduces the possibility to manage the photo album directly in application integrated within the system, allowing minimal elaboration:the standard editing and rotations, the elimination of red eyes,and a better command that acts in a completely automatic way on the color curves.It's not actually a big deal, nevertheless the storage application is not lacking and it's also free,above all there is a possibility of moving the photos and creating new albums which can then also be synchronized with the computer,in addition to all of these,the activatiion of the Photostreaming service through iCloud allows the synchronization of every shot,with all the other devices associated to the account user.
Considering all these,doubtless, the biggest news in iPhone 4s is Siri. Inspite of it,being openly still in beta,Siri works discretely very well,as far as speaking in good English, French or German, is concerned. For those who are not yet aware, Siri is a vocal assistant that is able to understand our requests and execute some commands. With Siri it is possible to send mails or messages without touching the screen,set appointments or memo,recall a musical note or do a search on the web,request diverse information (weather,address,restaurants etc.) and many more. To be able to use it in developed countries or in all the other countries where localization is not yet available,it is necessary to set the system in the language which is actually used by Siri, as well as the relative layout of keypad setting. If you want to have the possibility of dictating the text (this,at the moment,introduces unpleasant setbacks to those who want to try to use Siri with a language different from that which he usually uses)because for instance,in writing italian,the automatic English checker would only be a predicament.And Siri is not yet able to understand the text dictated in italian:it will be necessary to wait for 2017 before iPhone 4S will be able to communicate with italian voice assistant. (At the moment Siri is not yet even mentioned in the Italian website of Apple).

To be continued . ..

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