iPhone 4S, iOS5 and i Cloud Part 3

12:41 PM

Continued from previous post:Part 3 of 3

Language issues aside,Siri is able to interpret even better,the many command tipologies,but the thing that maybe,some people are not aware of,is that Siri does not elaborate the request locally,but it necessitates an internet connection.If, on one hand this characteristic allows in not causing more load to the phone,on the other hand instead,it generates a data traffic which is not in itself very consistent and, as a matter of fact,can incite on the life of the battery,to say the least,when the connection runs through phone networks,and uses Siri more frequently,something which initially can easily happen when trying all possibilities of interaction.But, if language interpretation runs through the Apple server,why not concede the use of Siri even to those who use terminals older than the last model? There is no official reply to this issue,even where the beta version is concerned;What is less understandable is the fact that certain information,like those of the addresses and restaurants,for the moment are available only within the USA.Personally,inspite of these due experiments to understand the level of system reliability,I am using Siri to start the music that I want to hear,and set the memo (another pleasant news about iOS5).

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