Gold Business

1:53 PM

Twice a week,I have a private lesson with a businesswoman whose business is located right at the center of Rome. And on my way to her place,I pass by a flea market where they sell just about every kind of knickknack you can think of, also a wet market mixed somewhere within it.But as it is,I have a penchant for all things gold in color,be it clothes or accessories or anything.But more particularly jewelry,I have my own set of gold jewelries which I accumulated over the years.But 10 years ago my taste was simpler,now I think I have adapted to the italian lifestyle even,their manner of accessorizing fashion-wise.So now I find myself being fond of dangling gold earrings,necklace ornaments or style rings.I bought a couple of pieces of these fake gold ornaments at the flea market,as they're really head-turners.But since they faded way too soon, I realize it is more practical to invest in real gold rather than throwing your money on things that you can use for only a short period.

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  2. That's right, invest in real gold. Gold price is all time high today, if you have gold 10 years ago then it is more valued today.

  3. gold prices are tremendously increasing. it is a wise investment.

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