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The technocratic public mourns the passing away last Wednesday October , of this generation's worldwide IT phenomenon and Apple guru Steve Jobs.Needless to say,Steve Jobs is one of the greatest technological champions of our generation.His remarkable creations include Pixar Animations (film production) which produced worldwide animated blockbusters like Toy Story series,Ice Age series etc., and of course the expensive Apple Products ( and Ipad).It is also imperative to recognize that our world has been greatly influenced by Steve Jobs,and that we owe much of our modern technology to him, of course,along with other IT revolutionaries like Bill GAtes.His death could mean that electronic technology may suffer a slow or uncertain progress or it could also mean a great opportunity and challenge for fresh technological minds to get their motors running at the speed of Jobs'. Beyond and above all these changes,the call for progress and technological advance is both strong and inevitable.But we are grateful for his accomplishments, his legacy to this computerized society.Thank you very much Steve Jobs.Farewell.

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