Computer Course

2:20 AM

I have been contemplating recently on being able to take up a crash course on computer programming. Here in Rome it is not cheap,so I'm trying to study on my own but it would be more productive to go on a formal schooling where one can interact with the Professor and other learners. As a working mother and housewife,I prefer jobs which allow me maximum flexibility with time,to enable me to balance all the important activities in my daily routine,and my current job as an English Teacher makes it all possible for me to manage my schedule.But now,with the prospect of earning more income I am opting to shift jobs as soon as possible. Hopefully when we will be able to return to the Philippines for a vacation I would not miss enrolling for a short course in computer programming.I am fully aware that the educational system in the Philippines is more advanced and practical and convenient for me because it is conducted in english.And computer jobs here in Rome or Europe in general, pay so much more than teaching jobs.

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  1. You could try online programming training at your place if your time is limited.Nice post