11:10 AM

This photo signals my return to work traffic for this new school-year 2011/2012.The common weekdays see me taking a quick sip of capuccino and some doughnut in a cozy bar,as much as the ambitious or gutsy side of me would prefer.I'd like to mingle even in this way with elegant people.This bar is located at the circular mini-park right at the center of the busy Bologne Square and I took the corner table where the view was just attractive as the day itself.Anyway,as fast as the breakfast had been, I still had time to contemplate on a prospect relating to my little daughter who loves to play stringed instruments particularly harp or violin.So I'm eyeing on some music schools hopefully near our place to enroll her,or if we can hire a private music teacher who can come to our house (just like with my friend's little boy who took piano lessons through a private music teacher) but the budget is also another consideration.I'd also like to buy her a harp or a violin but without the skills these instruments would just risk being broken or ruined.I'm glad to be back to work (and shed the kilos I gained during summer vacation)and full load at that,thank GOD.I see more clearly the Grace and the Hand of GOD in our family life during hectic working days.

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