The New FaceBook Vs. Google +

9:17 AM

These recent days have seen a lot of buzz regarding the updated format of Facebook,even claiming that it will begin charging its users. But the main change actually relates to the maximized or expanded share-ability or transparency in the account of the profile user.It's called 'real time application' or real time update which practically exposes every activity of the user,the websites he's visited or the music he's listening or the movies he is watching.But it is strange that this rumor about FB's charging coincides with its social network rival Google +'s fresh launch. Of course, both social network media have interesting and similar applications (in principle) but different approaches which compete to win the computing world.Facebook was born out of the idea of sharing,but in so doing all of us might do well to share only the positive or things that really count in life.GOD BLESS us all Tremendously.

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