12:48 PM

By this time these shocking claims by this 'so-called' Wall Street trader has probably sent strong ripples of negative speculations in the market scene worldwide as much as it did, or caused a lot of wealthy businessmen and investors frantic sleepless and restless nights. Obviously it was a major mistake for the BBC to give a loud international voice to this 'trader's dream' which consequently influenced many viewers (more so, the rich) and economies.But this scenario is an eye-opener that drives home a critical life question to everyone,the love of money is the root of all evil.Just analyze the convictions of this trader,the rich want to get as much as they can and they don't care about the consequences, to the common people.Even to the extent of an economic recession,his longtime lifetime dream is for a recession so that they can get more wealth and rule the world.For a long time, most of the world has tolerated this stance of getting as much as you can now,it faces the price of this secular values.To be wealthy is never a sin,but our main relationship must be to the Giver of it.This is the most opportune time to define our convictions.If you find the only hope not only in the challenges of life,but also in the economic crisis you would have found my JESUS.Our All in all.

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