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There is a new movie up to challenge the secular film trends,and its genre is much the same as the recent Sandra Bullock blockbuster movie .Its actors include Alex Kendrick who is also this film's director.Tis is produced by his brother Stephen Kendrick.Alex Kendrick is the same lead actor in the touching movie 'Facing the Giants'.This film is also graced by the presence opf Kevin Downes who performed in the movie 'Six The Mark Unleashed' . It is the story of four fathers serving in the Police force,who faced life-tests that would challenge their faith and destiny.It surely is a relevant film for a generation bombarded with violence,ungodliness and negativities.For once we can opt for a positive film, I am certain that this movie will be very well etched in the history of drama films.Happy Viewing everyone and while you do pick up the best of the moral of this story.

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