CMF Ads Closure

12:21 PM

With all of the crisis going on,it is unthinkable that even the Ads Network like CMF Ads will be affected.But recently the creators of this network announced its closure due to lack of advertisers.CMF Ads is a network that acts as a platform for and in behalf of both the Ads publishers and advertisers themselves.A publisher is a website or domain that is serving or displaying advertisements (usually related to the content of the website).In this process,the advertiser gets visibility and attracts potentially more clients for their business or product. CMF Ads charges significantly less than its competitor,but being newer or less heard-of by most publishers or website owners and due to other reasons it was not able to sustain its subsistence. But I know that many bloggers including me are grateful for their sincerity and honesty in laying down the hard facts before their clients,and at the same time we are also sorry for its closure.We wish them more success in their future endeavor.

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