4:09 AM

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt recently announced during a Conference in Berlin Germany,their company's new venture into Television.This will significantly revolutionize TV industry considering Google's prime clout in both information and technology,plus their ever-growing political influence not only within the US but also in other countries. Google TV is actually a systematic integration of Internet, TV Recorder and traditional TV,through Android Operating System (the same system used in mobile devices including PC tablets etc.).Google TV is a whole new revolutionary and interactive way of accessing both information and entertainment,as it gives us a variety of options in handling all the audio/visual information at hand.With it, you can access internet from your TV,record your favorite TV programs,edit your photos etc.It will be availabe through a separate set-top device that will activate this service,or it can be also readily installed on the TV set.Watch out for more updates on this exciting Google TV news.

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